Gosha Gibek - Original cycling art and art prints on canvas

GOSH ART by Gosha Gibek

Would you like to keep vivid memories of your greatest moments?

I use gloss paint freely poured from a caft knife.

The cycling season is almost over.
And gosh, wasn’t it exciting?

Would you like to keep vivid memories of your greatest moments?

Here’s your chance:

I don’t just paint or draw like most artists! My signature technique uses gloss paint dripped from a craft knife. You can see it in action on this video and you aren’t likely to find it anywhere else!
The paint’s thick and oily texture is fluid on the paper, capturing the essence of sport:

Motion. Adventure. Life.

Whether it’s the applause-bringing highlights from the Tour de France or the moments that made you stand up and cheer during the Olympics, my artwork can capture it and turn those moments from memories to forever.

I know what it’s like to have passion, being a cyclist myself, and I know how important these memories are.
These are the most incredible moments of your life.

Wouldn’t you want to capture those moments and keep them forever?

Wouldn’t you want to be able to relive that day where the sun shined brightly over you, the crowd was cheering, and you knew that you were number one?

Since all my artwork is hand-crafted with attention to even the smallest detail,
I can whip up whatever you want. Any sport, any colors, and hey, anywhere you want - you can have any landmark you want in the background to show off your adventures across the seas.
If you have any pictures, one is all I need, and even if you have'nt got a photo, that’s no problem! Descriptions work fine.
Considering how long it takes to hand-paint your goods to perfection exactly the way you want them, two weeks before your wedding anniversary or dearest son’s birthday is the best time to order.

These are the best moments of your life.
Why let them fade to memory?
Keep them forever with a hand-made piece.

Gosha Gibek #Cyclist and #cycling

Epping Forrest

Gosha Gibek #Cyclist and #cycling

Three Different Places

Gosha Gibek #Cyclist and #cycling

Scottish Tour

Gosha Gibek #Cyclist and #cycling

At The Sunset


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